IKON Aficio MP2554SP Pressure Roller Thermistor / Japan



For Use In: Aficio MP2554SP, Aficio MP2555SP, Aficio MP3054SP, Aficio MP3055SP, Aficio MP3554SP, Aficio MP3555SP, Aficio IM2500, Aficio IM3500, Lanier MP2554SP, Lanier MP2555SP, Lanier MP3054SP, Lanier MP3055SP, Lanier MP3554SP, Lanier MP3555SP, Lanier IM2500, Lanier IM3500, Savin MP2554SP, Savin MP2555SP, Savin MP3054SP, Savin MP3055SP, Savin MP3554SP, Savin MP3555SP, Savin IM2500, Savin IM3500, Ricoh MP4054SP, Ricoh MP4055SP, Ricoh MP5054SP, Ricoh MP5055SP, Ricoh MP6054SP, Ricoh MP6055SP, Ricoh IM4000, Ricoh IM5000, Ricoh IM6000, lanier MP4054SP, lanier MP4055SP, lanier MP5054SP, lanier MP5055SP, lanier MP6054SP, lanier MP6055SP, lanier IM4000, lanier IM5000, lanier IM6000, Savin MP4054SP, Savin MP4055SP, Savin MP5054SP, Savin MP5055SP, Savin MP6054SP, Savin MP6055SP, Savin IM4000, Savin IM5000, Savin IM6000

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Brand OEM Reference Number
Ricoh Ricoh AW10-0171, Lanier AW10-0171, Savin AW10-0171

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